Case Study

This semester we will be doing a case study exercise which will be part of your grade. This is kind of like a term project or term paper, but a little more low-key. First of all, the case study will be done in groups of 3-4 students. The group assignments are listed below. Everyone is expected to contribute equally to the case study. Each group is expected to find and research a case study that involves seepage, dewatering, and/or slope stability analysis. Not just a slope failure or seepage problem for example, but a case where some sort of analysis was peformed similar to the types of analysis we cover in class. This could be a design project or an investigation into a slope failure or seepage problem.

Executive Summary

Each group will submit a one-page executive summary of your case study. Include a title, an overview, and a list of references (minimum of three).


You will be expected to prepare and deliver a powerpoint presentation to the class. The presentations will be 10-12 minutes long with a few minutes in each case for Q/A. Each person on your team should make part of the presentation. The presentations should be as professional as possible. Try to minimize bulleted lists and focus more on photos, drawings, videos, etc. You will also be expected to prepare a one-page written executive summary of your case study.

The presentation files will be due at midnight on the evening prior to the first day of presentations. One person per team should upload the case study presentation. Each of the other members of the team will upload the title slide only(this simplifies my grading process). The title slide should include the group number.


In order to encourage full participation in the term project, everyone is required to submit a participation score from 0-100 for each of the fellow members of your group, INCLUDING YOURSELF. The objective is to help ensure that everyone joins in and one member of the group does not unfairly take advantage of the other member(s) by not helping. You will upload a text or Word document or spreadsheet listing the scores for your fellow team members. I will treat this as a scaling factor (percentage-based) and scale the scores accordingly. For example, if your teammates give you a score of 50, and your term project gets a score of 85, your final score would be 0.5*85=42.5. As you assign these scores, please remember that everyone has a different set of talents and abilities. In most cases, I expect to see a score of 100% for everyone. But this is a mechanism to deal with cases where someone does a very light share of the work (or no work at all).


Item Pts %
Participation Score 0.5 7.1%
Executive Summary 1.5 21.5%
Presentation 5 71.4%
Total: 7 100%

Due Dates

Everything uploaded via Learning Suite.

April 11 Participation scores due
April 11 Executive summaries due
April 11 Case study presentation uploads due
April 12 Case study presentations (Groups 4,5,6)
April 17 Case study presentations (Groups 7,1,2,3)


The case study exercise will be completed in groups.

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