In most cases, the homework will be due at midnight one week from the day it is assigned. All homework should be submitted via Learning Suite. Late homework will be reduced 10% each day that it is late (not including Saturdays and Sundays) up to a maximum penalty of 50%. Late homework will always be worth at least 50%. Late penalties may be waived under extreme circumstances such as illness or travel. Forgetting to upload your completed assignment, uploading the wrong assignment, etc. are not extreme circumstances.

No late homework will be accepted after midnight on the last day of the semester (first day prior to reading days).

There will be one midterm exams and a final exam. The first exam will cover the seepage portion of the class and the second exam will cover the slope stability portion. Both exams will be given on-line. There will be no make-up exams. All exams must be taken in one of the CAEDM labs.

If I discover that you have cheated on one of my exams, I will give you a failing grade for the course and refer you to the BYU Honor Code Office.

I encourage you to work together on the homework as long as everyone is contributing and learning. You may not simply copy one another's work. You may not copy old homework. You must understand the lectures and the homework in order to perform well on the exams

For the slope stability section, there will be a set of quizzes associated with the reading. The quizzes are on Learning Suite and should be completed prior to class.