Course Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you should:

  1. Be able to apply Darcy's law to solve basic problems related to flow through porous media.
  2. Understand the governing equations for 2D and 3D groundwater flow, including what simplifying assumptions are used in the derivation of the equations.
  3. Be able to create and interpret graphical solutions (flow nets) to the governing equations.
  4. Be able to apply analytical solutions to the governing equations, including well equations.
  5. Be able to apply analytical solutions to construction dewatering problems.
  6. Understand the finite difference solution and be able to create finite difference solutions in Excel.
  7. Understand how the finite element method works and how the finite element equations are formulated.
  8. Be able to apply finite element software to solve complex seepage analysis problems.
  9. Understand the basic concepts of the limit equilibrium method of slope stability.
  10. Be able to apply slope stability charts for simple problems.
  11. Be able to apply slope stablity software (such as UTEXAS) for common slope stablility problems.
  12. Be able to solve special cases of slope stability including, reinforced slopes, rapid drawdown, and seismic conditions.