Seep2D Confined Problem - Sheetpile Tutorial

For this exercise, we will complete the GMS/SEEP2D tutorial for confined (fully-saturated) conditions. The problem corresponds to the clay-blanket sheetpile case:

We will first build a conceptual model of the problem domain, assign boundary conditions, create a mesh, and then run SEEP2D to solve the problem and generate a flow net.

To complete the tutorial, do the following:

  1. Go to the tutorial section of the GMS Learning Center on the Aquaveo website*.
  2. Click on the Additional tab.
  3. Download the PDF file associated with the SEEP2D|Sheet Pile section.
  4. Follow the instructions in the tutorial document.

As you work through the exercise, you may with to use the following spreadsheet file with the coordinates of the key points on the sheetpile cross section:


You can cut and paste these points in step 8.2 to save you some time.

If the links do not work, use these: